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General Dentist

The Advantages of having a General Dentist

The general dentist is the one where you, as the patient, should feel most comfortable with when discussing your dental needs. They have been taking care of you the longest, and are therefore aware of your body, lifestyle, and health history the best. When taking into consideration the patient’s dental treatment, the general dentist can make a comprehensive analysis of the situation and offer them with the best solution. Thus, in order for the patient to experience a safe and satisfying dental result, the general dentist is the ideal person to consult with. Their purpose is to promote and maintain the healthiest oral cavity for each and every individual.

A general dentist provides SAFTY and SATISFACTION to the patient by
  1. Supporting and teaching them how to maintain a healthy oral cavity.

  2. Caring and respecting them in every way so that they have a good experience.

  3. Making them feel comfortable in discussing their dental needs.

  4. Offering them the best solution when dealing with lengthy and comprehensive treatment plans.

  5. Having good communications with specialists resulting in smoother transition for the patients.

The “Team” Approach

The general dentist is knowledgeable of a multitude of dental treatment plans, and tries to offer the patient with the best solution. One of the main differences between dentistry in the U.S. and Japan is the role and presence of the specialist. A good family dentist has relationships with various specialists whom he can trust and rely upon. This “team” approach in treating patients results in a higher standard of dental care and satisfaction to both the dentist and patient.

For example

Case 1: A patient wanting orthodontic treatment who does not care much for the conventional braces could be referred to the orthodontist for a clear plastic mouthpiece (i.e. Invisalign ).

Case 2: A patient dissatisfied with their denture can be referred to an oral surgeon for implant surgery, who then later refers back to the family dentist for restoration.

A Dentist for the Family

When I first opened practice in Hawaii, there were patients who brought along their babies. As time went by, those babies were treated for their deciduous teeth and years later for their permanent teeth. A few of them experienced orthodontic treatment, while a few of had to have their wisdom teeth extracted, and a few both. Now, those kids are bringing in their babies in for check-ups. The Honolulu Dental Clinic caters to both the young and old, and its goal is to become a family centered dental office.

Dental Support for the Growing Child


The healthy condition of the body rests directly upon the amount of nourishment that is consumed by the mouth. Therefore, the condition of the teeth is critical in terms of proper growth and development of a child. Our dental clinic values the importance of maintaining annual check-ups. To do this we need the support of the parents, and it is our duty to help and educate both the child and parents on this matter.

The 2 important cavity prevention measures for primary teeth

Care at the General
Dentist’s Office

  1. Examination
    Cavities are treated best when found early.
  2. Teeth Cleaning
    Removing plaque, tarter, stain, and debris that have been left behind after brushing. This should be done periodically (at least every 6 months) to prevent teeth and gum problems.
  3. Fluoride Applicaion
    By periodically applying fluoride on the teeth, this greatly reduces the chance of it becoming decayed. Particularly in Hawaii where fluoride is NOT allowed in the public water system.
  4. Sealants
    For preventive purposes, this material has fluoride releasing agents and is placed in the grooves of the permanent teeth.
What Parents Need to Know about their Child’s Teeth

When coming in for dental check-ups, our dental clinic is always open to discuss the following topics;

  • How to brush and take care of their child’s teeth
  • Understanding the functions of the baby teeth
  • Realizing certain bad habits and eating habits, and what to do
  • What to do with poor teeth alignment and chewing problems

by the Parents

  1. Understanding Preventions & Care
    It is important to tell the child the importance of brushing their teeth everyday. They will then begin to appreciate and get more interested in keeping their mouth clean. They need to brush for at least 3 minutes immediately after each meal.
  2. Brushng the child’s teeth
    The proper way of brushing the teeth is important, and using floss whenever possible.
  3. Don’t forget the Annual Check-ups
    There are no individual dental check-ups at the schools like in Japan, so it is important to get a check-up at least 2 times a year (most insurances usually cover them).